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Lighting Maintenance - Lamp Replacement

Safe working at heights has now become a key concern for many businesses and we are no different. We have a choice of access platforms for hire, each suited to the different working environments of our customers. Each platform is operated by a fully trained electrician with the appropriate training and safety equipment.

Versalift 36NF

Versalift - Street Light Maintenance

As you can see the Versalift is a vehicle mounted hoist which is ideal for street light maintenance and lamp replacement. It has a maximum working height of 13.2 Metres with a maximum horizontal outreach of 9.4 Metres. What does this mean ? Well with its fly boom it can reach almost anywhere. Being vehicle mounted it can quickly relocate to the next job so it ideal for the replacement of lamps in car parks and street lights.

Nifty Lift 120T

This platform is particularly suited to those areas that the vehicle mounted hoist may find difficult to gain access to. It has a similar working height ( 12.2 Metres vertical, outreach 5 Metres) to the Transit based Versalift but due to its telescopic axle can actually fit through a standard doorway. It also has the advantage of reduced noise and fume pollution over the Versalift as it is battery powered. This makes it more suitable for indoor use. It is an ideal alternative to scaffolding and ladders and can work easily in factories and warehouses.

These platforms have many more uses than just the replacement of lamps, they are perfect for any job that requires safe working at heights. If you wish to hire the platform and operator please contact us for details.







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